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Step out of the shadows & into the Light

Brand, Image, Culture & the Ideal Client, are just a few details to think of when it comes to marketing your business. Our team can bring you out of the shadows and not only show them how great you are, but how great you can be for them. 


Your Brand is not who you think you are, it’s who your clients believe you are.  Your Brand is the physical representation of your companies’ culture, so to start you need to spend the time deciding who you are.   What will your work environment be like?  How will you treat your team?  Is your business flexible or structured?  What are the most important concepts that make your company who it is? 


Now you know who you are, what is the best way to portray that?  It is important to break down your culture into its smaller pieces, start with an easy one, what is your name?  How did you come up with it?   Do you provide a service or product?  Do you consider your company fun & lively or serious & structured?  Do you interact with your clients in person or online?  All these aspects and more determine how you will reach your clients and they will notice you out of a sea of competitors. 


Now it's time to have FUN!  Let your imagination run free!  Hold on, not that free.  There are a few restrictions to keep in mind, but we will get to those.  For now, what is the first thing that pops into you mind when you think about your company?  Colours, shapes, words, is it an item that you want use for marketing?  When you are looking for a product or service what grabs your attention?  Check out your competitors, you don't want to blend into all the rest.  This is your chance to make a statement, shout it out!


Bring your Brand to life.  Most people do their research online, your website and social media presence can make or brake a new or developing company.  Even if your companies culture thrives on the personal touch, you need to get their attention first.  We all know from personal experience that the online world is at times mind numbing, we also know that when we are looking for something specific we look for colour, logos or images that we associated with that company, we look for their Brand.  You want to make that connection between your Brand and the people you want to find. 


Congratulations!  You now have a face that the public will know by sight.  Use Your Brand online by carrying the theme through your website & social media campaigns, every invoice & all your print materials.  Show off your company culture in person with wearable swag and printed merchandise, make Your Brand as visible as possible.