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Enter the Next Phase of

Event Evolution

Our world is shrinking as our reach is expanding. No longer do our businesses need to be constrained by brick & mortar, distance, or even borders. Now we enter the next phase of the business evolution, Virtual Events.

Trust your virtual events to the professionals.

Our team has 40+ years experience in event production and we have now teamed up with vFaiars who's platform has been servicing the virtual event industry for over 8 years and their stats speak for them selves.

Virtual Events are perfect for your next

Trade Show

Reach the world and get in front of the people who are interested in your business with dynamic and interactive presentations, seminars and individualized booths.

Job Fair

Companies, industries and cities can draw in talent by offering an immersive virtual experience. Use interactive webinars, branded booths and resume search to connect with the right candidates.


Showcase your campus, academic programs, sports programs and student services to prospective students from all over the globe with a virtual open day.

What in the World would you like to see?

Our Virtual Event Center brings you a wide selection of events from around the world. From global to reginal, you no longer have the limitations of travel, cost or accessibility, we bring the event to you.   

Benefits of Virtual Events

Some of the benefits of Virtual Events are obvious, here some you might not have thought about. 

Lower Cost

Overall costs are drastically reduced because there is no longer the need for travel expenses, physical locations, other related costs. 

Planet Friendly

Virtual Events have a 90% less carbon footprint than large physical events.


We use up to date security technology to make sure your information is safe and secure.

no setup & tear down

With all of your information and demonstrations in digital format, there is no more lugging around boxes or rush to set up your booth.

Greater attendance

Attendees can visit the event via any device so there are no more barriers for attendance. This creates a larger turnout. 

Live promotion

The world of Social Media allows organizers, vendors & attendees to share what is going on before, during and after the event.

Your world in a booth

Your business is no longer trapped in a 10 x10 booth. With everything digital, you can upload as many images, documents and videos as you want to show off your wears. 

Pre book meetings

With our chat booking system clients can book a time to chat with you one on one. Check out Matchmaking in the features section to find out how you can book meetings before the event.

Have better conversations

Your booth can create different chat rooms on all the topics and products you want to showcase, this way people can watch your demo video and chat together. You can also chat 1 on 1 with attendees.


Virtual Events have a 70% higher engagement with not only attendees but with other vendors. The Network Lounges are a great place to make new connections. Ask how your company can host a Network Lounge segment. 

Our Features

If you thought our benefits and incredible graphics were all we had to offer, check out just some of the features that might even make our Virtual Events better than IRL.

( that's In Real Life for most of us)


You can upload unlimited PDF documents, graphics and videos to your booth.


Have the images on your booth link directly to landing pages and videos.


You can have personalized graphics created, exterior location, lobbies, booths and avatars. 


Do you want to make sure you talk to all the right people? Meeting times for one on one chats can be pre booked.


Events can have different tiers of access for attendees depending on what you want them to have access to.  Training sessions, exclusive deals, even VIP meet and greets.


Games are fun and they help create engagement. Provide prizes for attendees who complete different tasks. 


Get direct feedback from attendees while they are at the event with custom surveys.


Offer show sales. Allow attendees and other vendors the opportunity to create a purchase order right then and there. Don't lose the sale while waiting to follow up.


Share the memories and excitement. Attendees can take selfies with custom backgrounds that can later be viewed in a gallery or saved for promotions.


Attendees have the option to shared their information with venders prior to the show for exclusive deals and invitations.


Vendors and organizers can get full reports on who attended, from where, booth visits, duration of visits, number of downloads, presentation attendance and more.


Easily filter through postings of job positions and candidate information.


Have subtitles in multiple languages during live sessions. 


Live interpretations for meetings and presentations. 


Have the fixability to translate all the written information on the event pages in to multiple languages.

Would you like more information about exhibiting at one of our events or about holding your own event?

Have Questions About Virtual Events?

Are you interested in hosting, sponsoring or attending a virtual Event? Please contact us with any questions.