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Dropping sales, staff turnover, lack of customer engagement, plummeting bottom line? These are all problems that can lead to the demise of your business if not resolved early. Our Turnaround Specialists will take your company through our Corporate Triage assessment to find the problems and develop the right solution for you



Your business, deserves BIG resources. That is the concept behind Kaleidoscope Business Development. Every business has a thousand moving parts, and we are here to make sure you have all the resources you need for your business when you need them


Knowing where your company is having a problem is the first step, finding a solution and following through is paramount! Let our Development team create a tailor made resolution for your company.


Kaleidoscope Business Development is a Calgary based company, so we know where you operate. We give you all the freedom of having a virtual staff with the person to person option when needed. Imagine all your business can accomplish having its very own sales, marketing, design, IT, accounting, human resources, legal, event coordination & project management teams.


We Are Here For You & Your Business As You Grow

As every business is different, every aspect of your business is different. We have services developed to help you succeed every step of the way. Whether you have an idea or you have been in business for 30+ years and looking to make some changes, our services are scalable & alterable to give you what you need.

Business Turnaround

Is something not working the way it used to?  When was the last time your business had a checkup?  Dropping sales, staff turnover, lack of customer engagement, plummeting bottom line, these are all problems that can lead to the demise of your business.  Don't wait till its to late, have one of our Triage specialist assess the health of your business. 


You are great at what you do, so spend more time doing it. The delegation of administrative & organizational tasks will increase your productivity and greatly reduce stress. So move your business forward with confidence knowing you have a full team of skilled professionals at your service.


You can have the most incredible product or service available, but if people can't find you it's game over.  We make sure you have the branding and market representation that will make you stand out in fount of the crowd.  We are here to navigate you through the digital jungle of website, SEO, online networking, social media and more. 


We bring the professionals to you

When problems come up don't waist your valuable time and energy scrambling to find the right person, service or company. At Kaleidoscope we have your team ready and waiting to come in and get you turned back around.  

Step one

Drop us a line, we are waiting to help you get your business back on track.  You don't have to know exactly what's wrong, we will work with you to figure that out.

Step Two

Meet with one of our talented Turnaround Specialists for your FREE 1 hour consultation to determine where we can best help.  Every business is different, your plan should be as well. 

Step Three

Meet with your dedicated account manager to formulate the perfect plan to get you and your business back on track.  We will take the time and stress off your hands while keeping you completely informed through the whole process. 

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